Wargaming Tradecraft: [Community Support] Blood of Kittens vs Battlefoam


[Community Support] Blood of Kittens vs Battlefoam

Seems to be a week for this kind of stuff... Honestly, I'm not trying to turn into a news site, just a matter of bloggers supporting bloggers.

Apparently Blood of Kittens is tied up in some legal issues with Battlefoam, prompted by opinions and rumours shared by TastyTaste that Battlefoam disagrees with. I'm not going to go into specifics, but you can read the announcement on Blood of Kittens and help support his legal fees. (anything helps)
(I didn't see any releases from Battlefoam regarding this, else I'd've linked that too. There was a thread on Dakka, but it was locked.. people are pissed about the locking, I dunno... I see a forum not wanting to get dragged into drama.)

Tasty's built up BoK into quite a gaming network, focusing on many facets of the hobby as well as helping other bloggers get attention. Personally, I think it's unfortunate to see the little guy get pushed around by a bigger company. Sure, he's probably not making friends with some of the stuff he writes, buuuut it's free speech. Deal. Battlefoam also seems to have a history of this kind of action.

Now, before anyone suggests I'm being hypocritical after backing up GW for wanting to protect their IP the other day... this is different. (Plus, I even said there, "I don't fully understand what is and isn't "fair use" and what breaks "news" sites get for posting anything their sources provide them.") This is about free speech. The irony of course is that as Battlefoam tries to strengthen their brand by getting involved in legal action against people talking out against them, it makes me less likely to buy their product due to a) how they're treating a fellow blogger and b) their need to sue rather than stand on their own merits and quality... which is extra unfortunate, because I'm in the market for a higher end case.

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[Update, June 7, 2013]

Tasty posts and update and includes some interesting declarations that could paint a dastardly picture of Battlefoam's business practices.

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