Wargaming Tradecraft: [CHARITY] Headshots from the Heart LIVE ONLINE


[CHARITY] Headshots from the Heart LIVE ONLINE

As you're reading this, we're in the process of kicking off a fundraiser to help sick kids. Last year we raised $2,700 for Childs Play - this year the event's just starting and we're well past the half-way mark to beat it!

The full 24 hour event is being streamed online RIGHT NOW.

Help us!

  • Spread the word
    • Website
      • Where you can come watch and find all the info
    • Facebook
      • Interact and share with your friends & family what's going on!
    • Twitter
      • Interact and RT!
  • Donate
    • Money
      • Donate a flat rate
    • Pledge
      • Offer a few pennies per headshot kill. (1 penny will be apprx $36)
        Feel free to limit your pledge.
      • Check in Sunday at noon to see what you owe.
    • Auctions
      • Going on throughout the full 24 hours
      • Check the page to know what's being auctioned when and for how long.

I'll be posting updates from the LAN section of the event on my Twitter account, so check in over @InDavesLife.

100% of profits goes to Childs Play... we use their ChipIn! widget and eBay Giving Works so we're not handling the money.

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