Wargaming Tradecraft: [CHARITY] Headshots from the Heart (2nd annual)


[CHARITY] Headshots from the Heart (2nd annual)

You may recall that last year I spent a solid 2.5 months painting some themed miniatures (donated by MiniWarGaming) for charity. Specifically, for Headshots from the Heart. A small group of us put on a 24 hour gaming marathon where we played Borderlands without pause, gave away prizes, auctioned off a bunch of phat lewtz, accepted pledges by the headshot and streamed the entire event online. In the end we raised about $2,700 for Childs Play.

You can tune in Saturday May 18th at 12.30 pm Eastern Time or catch a practice before hand.

This year I'm just volunteering, but you can bet I'm still going to pimp this out on my blog. With the release of Borderlands 2, that's the game that'll be running 24 hours straight... but instead of 4 people the entire time, there's only going to be 3... why? Because people who donate to play in the LAN party won't just get chances to win some cool stuff, they'll also have a chance to join in on the event!

As for the lewt up for grabs, we've got some amazing sponsors this year... Awesome gaming gear from Steel Series, Steam codes for Torchlight 2 donated by Runic Games, an absolutely beautiful leather mask from FeralCrafter and plenty of other geeky items, like, oh, a baby wyvern skeleton! Y'know what, just go LOOK AT IT ALL. There's a lot of stuff, but they're still accepting more so now's the time to contact them if you'd like to help a good cause.

If you don't have anything monetary to give, you can still help. Tweet this, Facebook it, post it on your own blog and help raise awareness for what's going to be a great time! They've also got banners you can use!

Last year I also posted an article detailing the steps on how you too can stream this sort of event online. I went with the software method and used a professional sound mixer with mics around the room to capture all the audio for the event. We were also prepared incase we had to reset anyones crit counters.

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