Wargaming Tradecraft: Yes, Bell of Lost Souls and others are down...


Yes, Bell of Lost Souls and others are down...

...and my traffic is up. Because I'm writing again, or because people are hobbying instead of reading news? Guess we'll never know... I'm not a news site, but there seems to be a lot of rumours circulating at the moment, so I thought I'd do my part to put some of them to rest. Yes, Bell of Lost Souls is down right now, but it's supposedly due to technical problems that are "looking mighty suspicious by the hour." according to their official announcement, which you can read for yourself:

General pointing of fingers seems to be the posting of pics from an unreleased White Dwarf which seems to be the reason Faeit 212 is gone. ( http://www.chillingeffects.org/dmca512c/notice.cgi?NoticeID=928410 ) Tabletop Fix has also announced they'll no longer be covering GW products: http://ttfix.blogspot.ca/2013/04/public-service-announcement_30.html

Now, there's a lot of people pissed off over this, but it's actually one of the areas where I can't help but back GW. Some people are arguing that White Dwarf is just a monthly catalogue that GW wants you to pay for or that other designers post pics of upcoming stuff for free... doesn't matter... point still remains that it's copyrighted / "secret" upcoming works that GW doesn't want leaked until they're ready to display them. You can't really fault them for taking that stuff down. If someone started reposting articles from my blog, you can bet I'd take action.

That said, I don't fully understand what is and isn't "fair use" and what breaks "news" sites get for posting anything their sources provide them.

It does highlight a chilling trend that Google has with taking down data and not providing proper means of responding to take down requests. (Yes, BoLS is supposedly a "tech" problem, but even they seem to be getting a "suspicious" run around" from Google.) Google has even begun denying users the opportunity to respond to take down requests on YouTube and has even admitted that they have agreements with some media partners so that even if a video is taken down mistakenly, they won't re-enable the content.
( http://www.newmediarights.org/copyright/DMCA/youtube_refusing_honor_dmca_counter_notices )

Anyways, I guess BoLS is working on the issue AND looking at getting private hosting where takedown channels must be handled more formally.


They're running again, down for about a day, maybe less.. official word is still "technical difficulties".


  1. I could really careless as Bell jumped the sahrk for me like three years ago. They went from being pretty cool to just a place where they reposted everyone else's stuff.

    Faeit 212 is just a rumor site isn't it? That is all I ever saw there and reposted rumors at that.

    I'm no fan of the G.W. secret policies like everyone else, but it is their rules so follow them or get the shaft right?

    1. Yeah, I don't actually read any of those sites.. not a news monger myself. Was just seeing a bunch of chatter about them and after a few quick searches was able to get some info.. figured I'd help out the rumour mill and try to settle things some.

      Not a fan of GW's practices anymore either and total Privateer Press convert, but in these regards, I really can't fault them for wanting to protect their IP.

    2. You don't read them but you'll name-drop them to generate more traffic for your site, then point out your traffic is up??? Maybe because those sites are down and people are searching for them...
      Don't act like you're too cool to read those sites then make them the subject of one of your articles.

    3. I'll assume you found this article looking for details on the outage, not to anonymously troll blogs trying to pass info on to the community... in which case, "You're welcome."


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