Wargaming Tradecraft: Tin Can Tree Project


Tin Can Tree Project

Recently, my FLGS held a competition to build some terrain, all entries being donated to the store. Such a great way to get the community involved in helping a store build up it's terrain selection!

We were provided a wooden board with tin cans caulked to it. TheWife grabbed me the large one and I've taken it as an opportunity to do a whole bunch of tutorials I've been wanting to for a while.. specifically, a bunch of water effects stuff, but also opportunities to demonstrate plenty of other handy supplies and techniques.

That's basically the reason for lack of updates recently... building the terrain, putting the pics together and such... I'm also having trouble shifting gears back to minis after this project, compounded with playing a whole bunch of League of Legends with buddies from back home.

Here's what you can expect in the upcoming weeks:

Click on through to see all the final photos.

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