Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods - Doomshaper


Hordebloods - Doomshaper

I need a caster powerful enough to control the beasties that are flocking to my Hordebloods. The paint was really flowing through me, so this'll be the only post on this guy. I've still got some things to show off though, so here we go!

Not much to say here, just showing where I'm at after some basics.

To create his staff, I painted all the runes white, then washed the whole stone area yellow, followed by red.
Following that, I've painted the stone black to emphasize the contrast from the glowing runes.
Since I want the stones to have a little colour, I then blend up to highlights.

To paint his armour, I'm going to use my pigments, which I've talked about previously. This means all these black areas are going to get highlighted with powder.

Using white powder, I highlight his bracers, cowl, and shoulders, then use a red wash to tint his shoulder armour.

On his more armoured sections, I've just added a heavy black wash. Ontop of the pigments, this gives a nice sheen and blend.

In order to bring a natural look to the cowl, I've got to blend the powdered highlight in to the shadows. You can see some examples in my pigment post, but basically I start with just water to thin out the powder, move up to black wash for some heavier blending and use thinned black paint to strengthen the shadows.

I tried using this pretty cool crackle paint medium out and the plan was to mix in some shiny stones, but it turns out this stuff shrinks down significantly. So the stones were out, but I added another layer of the crackle paint with kind of a marbled look by not entirely mixing all the colours together.

So, the downside to this crackle stuff is that since it shrinks, it leaves behind stains and crackles on the model.. uh-oh. The first thing I tried was pushing the crackle stuff down, but it peeled the paint off and led to some touch-ups.

The solution I came up with was using more pigments.. he's on dusty, earthy ground, so clearly he's gotten himself dusty and dirty from travelling. I think it turned out well.

And I present to you, the final piece!

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