Wargaming Tradecraft: Using War Room on the PC (For people who own Androids)


Using War Room on the PC (For people who own Androids)

Yup, you read that right folks, you can run War Room on your computer IF you already have an Android device. The "how" of it is pretty straight forward and while there are other methods to remotely control phones and tablet, this one does NOT require root access.

As for the "why"... well, originally I wanted easier control over the app when I only had it on my phone. (Tiny screen, big fingers, somewhat funny tap zones within the app.) Now that I have a tablet and can comfortably kick my feet up on the couch while working on an army list, it's not as high priority. HOWEVER, this could be very handy for the person who wants to be all multi-tasky and work on a list while they're googling strategies or pounding out some math-hammer and not have to keep going between PC and mobile, dealing with screen time outs, etc.

0. Obviously, you should already have War Room installed on Android.

1. Install "TeamViewer QuickSupport" on your Android Tablet / Phone

2. Install "TeamViewer Full Version" on your PC or MAC. (generic download pages here)

3. Run QuickSupport on your Android.

Note the number beside "Your ID"

This is the number you'll need to enter on your computer to access your mobile.

Leave this screen open.

* DO NOT give this number out to anyone as you could accidently give someone access to your device.
4. Run TeamViewer Full on your computer.

You're interested in the right hand column.

Under "Control Remote Computer" enter the ID that was generated on your mobile device.

Click on "Connect to Partner"

* You'll notice there's an ID/Password field on the left. DO NOT give this information out to anyone as you could accidently give someone access to your computer.
5. Allow the connection on your mobile.


One final thing you might want to do is speed the connection up.

Choose "Quality -> Optimize Speed"

You can try "Remove Wallpaper" incase your device supports it.

7. Launch War Room and work away!

And sorry, I don't know how to do this for War Room running on iPads/iPhones... took a brief look at iTunes and didn't see the required QuickSupport app available. Get an Android ;)

So Readers, drop a comment here - Would you use War Room on the PC? How and why?

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  1. of course I would use war room on my pc. much easier and larger screen. Any time an app is available is a wide variety it increases its usefulness.


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