Wargaming Tradecraft: BenchVent "Show us your Workspace competition"


BenchVent "Show us your Workspace competition"

There's a competition running from now until December 14th 2012 for a random draw to win a BenchVent BV555-R. (Even though it says 240V, they assure me that they also ship 120V models around the world.) Click for full competition details, but basically they're asking for a picture of your workspace.

What's the big deal? Basically, this is a fan / filter system that sucks all that excess mist, smoke, dust, etc when airbrushing, spraying, soldering, grinding and so on - a great way to help keep your hobby area clean.

When I was younger, my dad actually built me something like this, but it was rather large.. and I'm not sure where it ended up. What I know, is it was actually handy, so I've got my fingers crossed.
So the photo below is my entry showing off my current hobby area:

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  1. I call BS.

    Unless Amanda is cleaning up after you there is no way your desk is so clean.


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