Wargaming Tradecraft: Flocking with Tea


Flocking with Tea

A mix of some berry tea bags and mint tea bags.
When we base our models or create terrain, one of the important details is what kind of flock you use. One method of getting low-cost, recycled and very realistic stuff is to make it yourself - from tea.

I like the look of used tea over unused, just remember to dry used tea first. This doesn't have to be as extreme a method as Drying Flock; leave your used bags in a small box somewhere inside until they completely dry out. (just give it a few days) If you jar moisture with your tea, it will MOULD. Not only will the flock be unusable, it'll be a health risk to anyone who opens it.

I bet you laughed at my Funnel post, but I actually use it often enough.

Place the funnel in the jar you're going to fill.

Now, go one by one and rip the tea bags open, pouring their contents in to the funnel.

Have you seriously seen better flock than this? This stuff is a thing of beauty. Mint on the left, berry on the right. Prime for covering the bases of your miniatures. It's not as bright as some of the unnatural flock like static grass, but try mixing these on a base with flock you're used to using and watch the contrasts you create.

Do you see?


  1. I've tried Secret Weapon's leaf litter, which is mix of tea leaves and herbs and it looks great. One of these days I'll have to make some of my own.

  2. I just looked that stuff up... I couldn't imagine spending $5 on that little amount of herbs... you could buy and mix it yourself from a grocery store and get a ton more out of it.

    1. I completely agree with you there, although it'd likely be more economical to buy your herbs in bulk. I went for the pre-made blend simply because my hobby time is so limited and I only need a small amount for my Lizardmen army. Plus I like supporting small businesses like Secret Weapon!

    2. P.S. the tea leafs look great on your troll!

  3. Only problem with this is that I don't use Tea Bags. ;)

    I do use a lot of dried herbs in my basing, especially Oregano.


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