Wargaming Tradecraft: Back to Work!


Back to Work!

yup, it's a mess
As the title of the post says, I'm getting back in to the swing of things. Work is busy - lots of long days... but TheWife and I are settling in and have finished up the things we need for which I was delaying updating this site.

Painting has been coming along strongly and the Warlocks are looking fantastic. I've got a few tutorials photographed and to be whipped together.

I know I keep saying it, but plans are coming together for the future... lets just hope for no more interruptions.

But now, because I said I would, here are the photos I took while setting up my new hobby room.

Having cleared out a space to work with, I start with the desk my Opa built, aka, my workspace. It's facing a window, which is great... even though this is the basement, a window that size is fantastic. Lots of natural light gets in, without having the sun directly face it is even better. That means no sun in my eyes while I work.

Still using the hobby room as a guest room too... just a smart use of space. (Hence the bed on the left) A nice shelf beside the desk will hold more of my bits, larger stuff, and some of my bottles. (Since there's only room for 1 shelf in front of me thanks to the window.)

Just setting up more stuff here. More bits on the shelf, my white terrain bin to the right of my desk.

Just a close up shot here of everything I've been setting up around my desk. (And yup, South Park on the Netflix.)

Hey look! Mostly setup and there's a shelf! Also, a couple black CD holders mounted on the wall to hold my pigments and a few smaller things.

Another up close shot of the work area, mostly setup.

Yeahhh, looookinnnn goooood... Still a few boxes to go through, but oh well, everything in time. On the right you can also see TheWife's work area as it's being prepped. Oh yeah, and got my nice chair in place.

Still mostly setup... but also still boxes all around...

And here we are... completed! A simple work area, not complicated, but plenty of organized and clean storage. Another benefit of a basement studio? Stays cool in the summer, and I'm used to wrapping a blanket around me to paint during the winter, so that's fine.

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