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FIND A BLOG Network from Wargaming Tradecraft

For over a year now, I've had a Network page that's allowed hobbyists to find blogs that cover the content they're interested in and for blogs to advertise themselves and what they're about. In this time, the network page grew to a whopping 72 blogs!

Now, I'm proud to announce version 2 of the Wargaming Tradecraft Find a Blog service, with plenty of new features!

Most prominently, is that this is a single page that lists all the blogs signed up, is easy and fast to search for content you're interested in, contains contact information for all the authors in one place, and directs readers to YOUR website.
  • Blogs listed with the Topics they're about and (NEW!) the miniature Genres they cover.
    • ex Topics: Gallery, painting instructions, modding, strategy, theory, fluff, etc
    • ex Genres: Warmachine, 40k, Fantasy, Medievil, Steampunk, Black Powder, etc  
  • ALL the Topics and Genres are fully searchable.
    • Click on as many as you like to only display blogs covering those topics.
  • Social Media links
    • Sites and authors can enter links to their Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc
    • Allows the Find a Blog page to be a 1-stop site for connecting with your favorite authors!
  • RSS Feeds
    • Allows readers to quickly follow your blog!
    • Sites that enter their RSS links will be part of future features to further our hobby's interests.
    • I won't use your RSS feeds to post full articles.
  • Update-able
    • Authors can update their site's information themselves as the focus of their blog shifts or they change emails, create a Facebook account for their site, etc.
Not mandatory, but I still ask that you put a link to the Find a Blog network on your own site, so that we can connect as many people as we can to the blogs that interest them. I've updated the old Widget to point to the new Network page, but don't fret! Anybody currently being sent to the old Network page will automatically be redirected to the new one.

Also, thanks to Thor over at Creative Twilight for answering some questions I had... and to him and Curis from Ninjabread for signing up in the early stages so I had some real test data to work with. 
(Don't forget to follow my Twitter and Facebook to get peeks in to what I'm up to.)


Also, I'd just like to thank those who've already signed up - if you haven't, what are you waiting for?!

"What if I was in the old Network list?"

Because authors now get a username and password used to update their information whenever they wish, YOU WILL HAVE TO SIGN UP AGAIN. This is the only speed bump to getting the network back off the ground, hopefully surpassing the old 72 and compiling a list of all the miniature hobby sites out there in one location.

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