Wargaming Tradecraft: REMINDER! 5 days left for Sedition Wars Kickstarter


REMINDER! 5 days left for Sedition Wars Kickstarter

Go here and pledge now! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/sedition-wars-battle-for-alabaster

The amount of bang for your buck is incredible here thanks to all the milestones they've reached, not to mention all the tasty add-ons for those of you who've ever wanted to paint up some of your favorite movie heroes and heroines!

Seriously, scroll through all the rewards that have been unlocked and all the extras you can include. Not only does the game look fun, but the models are FANTASTIC. I know I've got a lot to paint already, but I'm looking forward to adding these to my queue.

(Yeah, I'm hoping to hit the milestone and get River and Jayne Phoenix and Delta included for free ;)

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