Wargaming Tradecraft: Headshots: Mordecai WIP 2


Headshots: Mordecai WIP 2

Got a lot done this weekend, and I finished off the Mordecai Borderlands figure, so this is the last of his posts.

Now, I know he's already pretty highlighted, but I use some white paint to do a little more highlighting before shading.

Then I begin adding some of the shadow and outlining in the next steps. I've worked on the whole thing mostly at once, but there are a few distinctions to make. Here, the shading is light, but I haven't gone heavy yet.

Then I go to more detail with heavier shadows and some more obvious shading. Notice that on Mordecai I've still used the slash / \ and hash # shading / highlighting method.

And to finish off, I've intensified the shadows and done some detailing. The smaller things and such, skulls, etc. A little more detail on the skin, gun, knife, holster.

With many thanks to MiniWarGaming and their crew for donating the miniatures that are being painted for this project.

Final figures will be auctioned off, all proceeds going to the Childs Play charity during the Headshots from the Heart marathon.

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