Wargaming Tradecraft: Headshots Marathon Wrap & Thanks.. and Up Next at Wargaming Tradecraft


Headshots Marathon Wrap & Thanks.. and Up Next at Wargaming Tradecraft

Well, the weekend is over, and the whole event was quite an experience. We got 3,508 Headshots, (including every boss in the first play through) raised over $2,500 for Childs Play (assuming all the pledges come through) and put on quite the show. If you forgot and want to make a last minute donation, the ChipIn Widget will be up for the next week. What do you get for your money now? Besides helping sick kids, you can still watch video from the event!

There was a fantastic bunch of donations for some great people and companies, an entertaining batch of volunteers and some great viewers who stuck in there for a great deal of the event. We also appreciate the support we got in the miniatures community, so thanks House of Paincakes and Father Geek... and of course, a HUGE thank-you to MiniWarGaming for supplying the miniatures I've painted over the last month.

Next up at Wargaming Tradecraft...

Needless to say, I'm a little burned out. Six well-painted miniatures and fancy bases in under 2 months with a full-time job was definitely an over-commitment. Except for a little time here and there wielding a Plasma Cannon in Space Marine, (as "N++") all my spare hours went in to painting... and that's too much.

I'll be taking a brief break to shift gears a bit and take care of some things around the apartment, fiddle with some server stuff, game, veg, sleep and a wedding to attend shortly. My thanks ahead of time for being understanding. You might find some neat things over at Tech Tradecraft though.

To the people who've sent me Network requests... I haven't forgotten about you - and I'll add you to the list once I'm back.

To all my Twitter followers - sorry for the "spam" over the weekend as I was promoting #Headshots like crazy. Please forgive the efforts of a good cause.


  • there will of course be more painting of my Hordebloods to continue working on my Hordes army.
  • I'm also going to look at my Techniques and Supplies pages and get back to writing some actual tutorials - the original intent of this blog. I've got some even saved as drafts that just need finishing... like water tutorials...
    sooo, less WIP, more TUT.
  • Experimenting with a new art style on those Borderlands miniatures was a real good time.. I've been wanting to for a while, and I think you can expect to see me playing with art styles and theory some more..
I think Marcus looks the best... I'm floored at how well he turned out.

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