Wargaming Tradecraft: Headshots: Lilith WIP 3


Headshots: Lilith WIP 3

So if you'll recall, we ended the last post with Lilith appearing complete, but certainly needing some more work to increase contrast. If you'll take a look lower, not only do I cover the cell-shading, but also some pigment (powder) work.

So the first step is I use an actual black wash and a very fine brush to trace in all the edges and shadows. This is just a preliminary step to add some darkness to the model, before going in with a darker black to make those areas really pop. Mostly, I just run the brush across areas, creating a thickish line of shadow.

Next, instead of using a wash, I use black paint that I've thinned slightly with water. The water helps it run smoothly, but keeping it thick enough that it doesn't run and the black colour stays strong. So here I've added all sorts of shadows to add some contrast and strengthen the softer black wash.

You'll notice in the above and below photos that rather than just draw dark lines on edges, which would create thick unnatural looking shadows, I keep the shading rough. This means pulling the shadows away from crevices, adding them to cracks, chips, tears and such. Then, for open areas, I've used dashes, swipes, hashes and such.

Not a huge leap from the above, but below I've basically just done a little highlighting to clean up and soften the shading.

After highlighting, she was still missing something...

Solution: I broke out the pigments. For those not familiar, these are basically powders that you rub on. (Which I use an eye-liner brush for) They're usable in multiple situations, and when you want dirt, create the effect quite well.

You'll also notice they have a secondary effect of some very clean blending.

Over the next few days, while working on my next figure, I'll be using some water effect gel to create a bit of a hand burst of Lilith's psychic powers.

With many thanks to MiniWarGaming and their crew for donating the miniatures that are being painted for this project.

Final figures will be auctioned off, all proceeds going to the Childs Play charity during the Headshots from the Heart marathon.

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