Wargaming Tradecraft: Headshots: Brick WIP 3


Headshots: Brick WIP 3

In the final steps of the Borderlands figure Brick, I've done the cell shading / highlighting and taken care of some of the smaller details.

In the first steps, I've taken care of highlights.. area, edges, and hashing.

Then I do the same thing with shading, including faces.

Can't forget that Brick isn't actually bald... he does have some hair.

Now, Brick in all his cell-shaded glory!

Please do give some feedback... I'm really interested in knowing how this style is turning out.

With many thanks to MiniWarGaming and their crew for donating the miniatures that are being painted for this project.

Final figures will be auctioned off, all proceeds going to the Childs Play charity during the Headshots from the Heart marathon.


  1. Considering that your going for a video game styled painting scheme.. these models are coming out better than expected.. though can't say that it is exactly my cup of tea, but it is fitting the style that you set out to do. Congrats on that!

  2. Thanks, it's certainly rougher than I'm used to painting. For a while now though, I've been wanting to try applying different techniques to the 3D canvas so-to-speak, and in that regards, I do like how they're turning out.


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