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Tech(nological) Tradecraft

As some of you are aware, painting wasn't my first interest. I'm actually a computer geek, which is the area that I've followed through with professionally. My actual title is "Broadcast Engineer" as I work at a media company and take care of a few offices and a bunch of radio stations. That means I'm responsible for pretty much everything that has electricity running through it and then some.

Breaking past that whole left brain / right brain barrier, I'm pretty good when it comes to both tech and artistry.

In the course of my job and home life, I'm occasionally required to perform the odd technological wizardry, and I've decided I've gone long enough without sharing these things with the Cloud.

SO, I've launched a new blog: Tech(nological) Tradecraft
If you hop on over there, you'll find a much longer winded introduction with more of my tech and backgrounds.

A few differences to note between Wargaming and Tech Tradecraft:

  • I'm not shifting any focus away from Wargaming Tradecraft. This still is and will continue to be my primary blog.
  • Tech Tradecraft won't be regularly updated. It's more of a journal as I come up with interesting solutions in my day to day life. I'm expecting to post at a minimum twice a month, maybe twice that.
  • Tech Tradecraft is NOT aimed at non-technical people. While the tutorials will be the same quality as you're used to here, and might be followable by non-techy people, trips over there may take you to places within computers and other forms of electronics that could be dangerous. (to the equipment or yourself)
  • There will be the occasional written musings, which anyone with an interest in tech may find interesting.
  • Wargaming Tradecraft is aimed at a variety of hobbyists, so I've kept the content appropriate for most ages. (no swearing, graphic photos, etc) However, I'm not going to censor myself on Tech Tradecraft, so there might be the occasional language that's not appropriate for younger audiences.
  • If you email me there, asking for tech support, I may or may not help you... I can't make any promises, not knowing the sort of response I could get, and the difficulty of tech supporting by email. Buuuut maybe I can point you in the right direction, or turn a more complication or interesting issue in to a post of its own.

And, I know it's crazy off-topic for most of my readers, but if you feel like linking it on your own sites, thank you muchly :)


  1. Great!!! an online helpdesk for all my problems.

    So here goes: me end my wife both got the same smartphone (Samsung galaxy Y) and when were at home we use our wifi connection to get online..so far so good but sometimes I can't get online without my wife turning on her phone or vice versa. The other day she can't get online without me turning on my phone. it's a pain especialy when one of us isn't home. How do we solve this wireless router problem???

    Go! ;o)


  2. I'd say take it back or cash in your warranty ;) If it's a legit problem, could be channel or NAT related. The wireless section under your router config should let you choose a new channel.. that or the wireless router's within 4 feet of a cordless phone station.


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