Wargaming Tradecraft: The Tarkus Landraider


The Tarkus Landraider

I totally [wiped as much of the event from my mind as I could] forgot to post about this last spring... When my apartment flooded, a lot of our records were destroyed, among other things. When tossing them, we came across this one...
The band in question is "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" and the album "Tarkus" came out in 1971. That's 4 years before Games Workshop formed.

Just thought I'd share this amusing tid-bit. Now I realize these tanks are variants of actual real-world designs, and the Land Raider starts with a back-slash, not a forward-slash... so I'm not saying GW copied this armadillo tank... just that with the boxy shape, it's closest thing I've ever seen to a Land Raider. And how awesome would that be to build? amirite?

Ahhh, hippy music...

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