Wargaming Tradecraft: Holding open new GW paint pots


Holding open new GW paint pots

Games Workshop's had a checkered past when it comes to their paints. Even though I'm mostly buying P3 paints now, I still have a lot of GW ones, and P3 doesn't get too bright.

That's why I have some colours like this red one. I love the fact that the new pots are clear, so I can see what colour's inside. Win. Less awesome, is the lack of a tab to hold the tops open wide enough to easily fit a paint brush in.

And now, I present you with the tool of your salvations...

Yes, this is a tooth pick... does it bother me I need to take these steps? Yes. But it works.


  1. Blood Red for the win. Much better than Khador Red.

  2. Heh, Khador red covers nicely, but blood red is just so much stronger.

  3. You. Are my saviour.

    How did I not spot THAT as a solution to one of my pet hates? :D

  4. I use a similar method but I use the plastic tube from a new brush.

  5. All hail your ingenuity! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  6. I have a similar solution. Take the plastic tube that comes with the GW paint brushes and wedge it into the gap between the hinges on the paint pot. Voila!

  7. Awesome man. I haven't been buying any of the new citadel colors, I've been slowly replacing all my paint with reaper and P3, but I'll keep this in mind.


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