Wargaming Tradecraft: Now sized for 1200 width


Now sized for 1200 width

I've resized the site, giving more room to blog posts... it means the sites width is 1200 instead of 1000 now. People with monitor resolutions of 1280+ will be fine - are there people out there still using 1024x768? Speak up please, and I'll probably set things back.


  1. Just some feedback.

    Is your layout adaptive enough to handle for example mobiles phones?

    Also one should always try not to get lines longer then ~72characters per line. Or your text actually gets harder to read. Your first one for me at least contains 176.

    If you still want a wider page you could look into options like having images on the side and not inside the text, but I guess that would screw up a couple of your current pages.

  2. HMmmm, interesting point about the characters and reading... I see what you mean, and will have to try some shifting.

    Blogger automatically detects smart phones and changes the layout... but you can also view it in full view I believe.


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