Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods WIP: Runeshapers 2


Hordebloods WIP: Runeshapers 2

 Work on the Runeshapers continues, as I expand on sculpting the heads.

They're coming along quite nicely - I've got all the heads on bodies now. Next I'm adding hair to the heads and bulking up their shoulders / backs.

First off, I used blue-stuff to create simple molds and copied the head so I'd have a bunch of base ones to work with.

To add the hair, I start with blobs of green stuff, which I push and prod until they form the rough shape of the hair. Once that's done, I add the actual detail of the strands.

Here are the two mostly done. The one on the right still needs his shoulders beefed up, and detailing on the beard.

Take a look at my Step by Step page for the entire Hordebloods project.

Here you will find each model broken down into links showing each step:
Concept, Works in Progress, (for both modelling and painting) and Final Shots


  1. Very impressive. Your face/head sculpting is improving quickly.

  2. Very nice. I love how you have molded the hair, horns and beard on those. Great work.


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