Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods WIP: Mauler (Dire Troll)


Hordebloods WIP: Mauler (Dire Troll)

 I've also completed the Mauler this week. Lots of green stuffing on this guy. Mostly to modify him, but also a lot to fix the mould fittings... if there's a negative thing to say about Privateer Press, it's that they seem to have issues getting larger models to fit properly.

Most of the model is pinned... that's a lot of pewter, so a lot of weight. I didn't want to chance anything falling apart after it's painted.

I debated changing his spiky mohawk to a realistic haired one... but I just like how he looks with it. I did tilt the head, which meant making him a new neck, so I had some fun with that. I'm also thinking I might put gems on his bracers like I did on Madrak.

Here's a few different shots of him.

The plan is airbrushing... can not wait to see how that turns out.

ahhhh, girllookitthatbody

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  1. Looking great. I always liked the pose of this model and with your sculpting he looks even more menacing.


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