Wargaming Tradecraft: Impaler [9] - Mohawk and Skeleton


Impaler [9] - Mohawk and Skeleton

Some more progress done tonight on my Impalers.

First, I changed the spine support for the one's head. Then, I added a first layer of green stuff around his neck to support the head.

I'm liking this layering Green Stuff thing. It sticks together well, it's sturdy, and it gives you a strong surface to sculpt on that won't fully cave in as you apply pressure.

The hair form solid, I could now put some fresh green stuff on each side to sculpt on the hair.

I start by spreading some out across the first layer, then smooth it out.

Starting at the skull, I work the hair's roots on first, then work the green stuff up in streaks. Lots and lots of streaking.

The top of his head was done with dots, rather than streaks.

When one side was done, I did the next. Before adding texture, I blended both sides together so that there wouldn't be a seam.

I found that while streaking green stuff, it's very important to keep your tool wet. If you don't, you'll get rough patches and burs. As a tip, while streaking, layer lots of short ones, instead of long ones, and repeat the streaks, going back over them and the raised parts too.

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  1. Wow, that hair looks great.

    Layering green stuff is essential to any large project. It's something I learned very early on. The hard part is having the patience to do it in pieces and wait for it to cure :)

  2. Thanks. And yeah, layering seems to work tons better than just putting it on a wireframe and working right away. And who needs patience when you have MORE TROLLS.


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