Wargaming Tradecraft: Impaler [8] - Some Green Stuffing


Impaler [8] - Some Green Stuffing

Work continues, next on my Impalers. The first is ready for his mohawk, but I ran in to some problems... it likes to flop around. So the first step I'm trying is to make a rough "outline" of a mohawk. Boy it sure looks aweful. The plan is that it will support his hair while I layer more greenstuff on the outside to create the actual mohawk. (So it can't be too thick at this stage)

Next up is the second Impaler. When I built him, I posed his right hand and left elbow some, so they need to be filled in. His hands have some wrapping around them, so I added some creases to the green stuff around it.

For his elbow, I first packed in some green stuff for support, then built up around it. Then I smoothed things out and created some definition of muscles.

Having cut off his neck, I've now glued the head how I like it. Once it dries, I'll have to build his neck up again.

You can also see that the caster woman has had some green stuffing done to her just to fill in the positioning gaps.

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