Wargaming Tradecraft: Mine's Bigger than Brent's


Mine's Bigger than Brent's

Dethtron's returned to the Blogosphere... and already he's shaking things up.

It started with Brent showing off his rather large hobby collection, and Deth not only prepared a rebuttal that shows off his own massing of toy soldiers but called out the community to do the same. So far, Loq's also responded to the challenge, but I call shenanigans 'cause she owns a game store.

So I'm taking this opportunity to show off my own collection, but asking you to show yours off too - when you do, please post a link in the comments here.

My hobby goes back... wayyy back. Back when Games Workshop's love for Space Marines was so strong the game was ACTUALLY CALLED "Space Marine". (True story - that's before Titan Legions, Epic and Epic 40,000)

I actually have more than this... some Eldar titans used as Wraithlords, Space Marine titans for TheWife's chaos stuff, and more at the bottom of some of the lower pictures bitz boxes

Around the same time, we also picked up Advanced Heroquest minis to paint, which led to some boardgame action in Warhammer Quest and the original Space Hulk. There was also a brief period of Gorka Morka. My wonderful wife also added to that in recent years with the new limited edition Space Hulk.

Finally I joined the "big leagues" and committed to Warhammer 40k - Eldar style. I've even amassed a "small" amount of Space Marines that at some point will turn into Dark Angels. However the Dark Angels will have to wait, as I'm now collecting Hordebloods.

From all of this, my bitz collection has grown quite large....

As has what I've assembled for building terrain. (aka "big bitz")

There are some misc. figures in my collection too, like these Star Wars Bounty Hunters.

However the bulk of my collection seems to be everything for modding, painting, basing, etc...

Since Dethtron had to "pad" to compare to Brent's impressive size, and I'm a geek of many colours, here's a smattering of the other things that keeps me busy.

TheWife would also point out there is misc. styrofoam and other larger bitz hidden behind the odd piece of furniture...


  1. I really enjoy seeing other people's hobby stuff and spaces. Awesome!

  2. I'm also thoroughly enjoying these windows into people's Hobby lives. :)

  3. I did not know there was a challenge:
    Let me present the following in my defense

    The link to my wargaming mancave (yes I have 2 caves)

    Link to my bug collection, my eldar force has yet to be properly photo'ed and posted equally as big.

    If you are gonna geek out do it in OCD style

  4. I have heard shenanigans more than once, but I rose to the challenge...no one put stipulations =P

    I really like your tools...As I said in my post, I love tools. I have all kinds, for things I'll never do, but I don't care. I just like the toys-er- tools!

  5. Nothing impressive here, but I'm joining in on the fun, and everybody has to start somewhere :D


  6. http://bear40kblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/mines-bigger-than-brents-ok-its-not.html sorry for the bad link, my net-fu isn't working today.

  7. Bah, took me a while to respond - sorry. Thanks for the comments all!

    @Warfrog: Very nice setup! I'm jealous of the titan... and is that a plush elder god I see in the first pic?

    @Loq: Yeahhh, I love being prepared for anything that comes up. The thing I hate is being in a really good groove, and hitting a wall because I'm missing something. That said, I do usually find a use for things eventually and depending on the project, constantly.


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