Wargaming Tradecraft: Troll Impaler WIP 3


Troll Impaler WIP 3

Previously, I discussed pinning, and have repositioned this Impalers arm in a guiding way, pointing at the intended victim as his spear lines up, menacingly perpendicular with his arm.

Because of this, there's a big 'ol gap at his elbow in need of some fixing.

I start by sizing out a glob of green stuff, and squishing it in there.

You'll notice it totally covers up the strap for his elbow guard, so I'll have to fix that later.

Start by pushing up under the elbow pad - that'll be the hardest part to get to after if you mould the outside first.

From the center, outward, push the green stuff out and scrape off any extra you might have. Make sure the blob has roughly the same bulk as the existing arm.

Over time, using his existing muscles as a guide, I push and prod the green stuff until it approximates his arm.

Where it meets the pewter, push in and pull up like you were scraping. This will blend it into the existing body.

After the green stuff is dry, you can come back with a knife and carefully scrape the edges, cutting both green stuff AND pewter to blend the two forms.

I wait until the arm has hardened before applying the elbow strap. This prevents the arm from squishing as I work on the strap.

Like on the Axer's totems, I push the center of the strap down rather than try to pull the edges up. Some imperfection is allowed here since the strap is presumably leather or cloth. A long dull edged tool is good for creasing the center. (or the side of a spoon)

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