Wargaming Tradecraft: Troll Impaler WIP 1


Troll Impaler WIP 1

There are a few key things that make a troll stand out.

The tattoos and warpaint on his face will come once I start painting him.

What I'm looking at at this stage are the tusks and the awesome mohawk. Today I start creating the horns.

First I need some room to fit the tusks onto his face naturally. To do this, I just cut a "V" into both sides of his mouth.

Moving on to the tusks themselves, roll out a little green stuff and apply more pressure at the ends to create points.

Use tweezers (larger flat tips so you don't poke the green stuff) to push the roll around something round, like a knife handle.

Cut the roll in half.

This makes your tusks!

While they're still mouldable, you can pinch or open them a little more if you want to change the curve.

You'll also need to cut an angle on one side of each tusk, to create a flat surface for gluing to the face. The angle you cut at will determine the angle the tusks face once they're glued on.

I'll come back to this later because the next step will be green stuffing each cheek over the tusks and making them appear to be jutting from his mouth.

And this is what he looks like tacked together!
Keep reading to see how it all comes together.

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