Wargaming Tradecraft: Nail Jewels / Madrak WIP 2


Nail Jewels / Madrak WIP 2

Sometimes I surprise myself when I consider the places I go and things I use for this hobby... I mean, nail salon supplies? Really?

But you really do need to be willing to go anywhere and try anything if you want to excel and add some real uniqueness to the things you create.

I picked these things up cheap a while back and was waiting for a project to use them with. Basically, they're mirrored backs and coloured plastic. Due to the scale however, they can add a really nice natural look to your minis.

So as you can see, there's a range of small jewels and they actually look pretty good. While they are plastic, they're much better than some of the typical plastic fake jewellery that you might find at a toy store. The reflection is strong and there's barely any mould issues. (They are, after all, designed to be glued onto fingernails of people paying good money to be all sparkly)

Using tweezers to hold one in place over the center of Madraks amulet, and I like the look of it.

To make a centrepiece, I cut off the bit in the middle, then drill out a small indent.

This fits the "gem" nicely.

I'm not going to glue it into place yet - First the model needs to be painted and I don't want to cover up the gem and have to ruin its finish by scraping the paint off.

[UPDATE] Here's the completed arm on Madrak.. I decided to go with a lighter blue.
[UPDATE] Here are some jewels used on bracers for the Mauler.

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