Wargaming Tradecraft: Spice Rack Flock Container


Spice Rack Flock Container

 Behold! A spice rack!

I've been casually hunting one of these for a while now and, thanks to garage sale season being upon us, I found one! For under $5 I got this wooden rotating spice rack, 40 jars and some sewing supplies for TheWife. If garage sales aren't your thing, dollar stores carry these jars at 3 for a dollar and I see spice racks on sale all the time at mall kitchen supply stores for $15-30.

Click through, and I'll discuss turning all these goodies into containers for flock.

  1. The first thing was to clean everything up. As garage sale stuff (and unusually greasy, bleh) the first step was preparing things for cleaning. Remove all the lids AND pop off the shaker tops, since those'll just get in the way.
  2. If there are any labels, get some goo-be-gone from a dollar or office supply store and scrub them off.
  3. Then, run them through the dishwasher. (Or soak in a sink of dish soap)
  4. Finally, let everything dry - you don't want moisture ruining your flock.
I've since discovered that these jars, which can be stored in drawers just as easy as racks, can be purchased from stores like Bulk Barn and some Dollar Stores for virtually nothing.

 Here's a peak into my pile of terrain supplies. Needless to say, I love being prepared... but I also hate rooting through all this when I'm figuring out what to base with.

The idea is to take all of this and condense them into handy jars you can quickly sort through and use.

You still need to keep this stuff somewhere. Eventually you'll have to refill containers and sometimes you'll want bulk amounts to cover larger areas like terrain and tabletops.
 A funnel makes it super easy to fill up these jars with your flock.

Yeahhh... I realized I needed a smaller funnel, which has since been acquired from the local hardware store. It appears dollar stores also carry them.

When you start putting lids to jars, you could even label them if you want. Perhaps you have flock that looks similar or you want to remember where you bought it or what brand you got.
A sharpie will work, or number them and keep the details down in a notebook.
All this can then be nicely stored in your spice rack. Extra containers can also be stored somewhere because even without the spice rack, these jars make excellent flock holders. They'll fit on shelves or in other storage cabinets and devices. And again, at 3 for $1, these really are a great buy.
By turning the jars upside down, it makes it all the easier to see what type of terrain is in them.


  1. Nice. If our spice rack wasn't still full of spices I would probably commandeer it.


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