Wargaming Tradecraft: Assembling Compressors


Assembling Compressors

The System

There may be some assembly required to get your compressor going. READ the instructions. You don’t want to do something wrong, assemble something backwards, hand tighten something that needs to be reefed down with a tool or crack something you were supposed to hand tighten.

Also in the manual will be a parts list. This will be everything that was supposed to come in the packaging, what they are and what they’re for. Make sure everything is accounted for.

Teflon Tape

If your compressor didn’t come with Teflon (plumbers) tape, buy some. (It’s cheap) It creates a better air seal on all your threaded screw on connections. All you need to do is wrap the threads a few times around (2-4) before screwing parts together.

Snap fittings (quick release)

Quick release valves make it really easy to swap parts or pack up.

They just click together and you pull the casing back to unsnap them.

For some models, you’ll also have to pull the casing back to snap them together.

Make sure you create a good seal when you're using these. Cheap ones, or ones that you don't fully connect could leak air.

Example Assembly

Not all compressors will assemble the same way, but here's how I did mine so hopefully it helps you:

 I had to attach the wheels myself.

That was a simple matter of attaching the wheel with a bolt and nut.
The handle had to be attached. The holes line up and bolts hold it in.

 The air filter prevents dust particles from getting into the compressor and the tank.

It comes with specific instructions to only hand tighten it.
I purchased an air filter, and used quick release valves on each end of it.

And the finished product!

Not a lot to it actually.

And since the airbrush hose has an end with with same size connector as my compressor, it's all connectable.

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