Wargaming Tradecraft: The Things You Own End Up Pwning You


The Things You Own End Up Pwning You

Well, it's been quite the (almost) two weeks.

Things are finally getting back to normal, big thanks to TheWife and my buddy Jim (over his birthday) for sorting though so much of the destroyed stuff, drying out what they could and moving our stuff back in during the periods I had to work.

The good news is, we made out better than expected and most of the losses occured to electronics. (Even stuff unplugged due to batteries)

You have no idea what it feels like to go through this, be happy about the gamestations surviving, laying down to relax after a long day that finished with you setting up the tv/stations/mass of wires, only so you could relax by watching some Netflix on your PS3 (some of you know where this is going) and discover that Sony's PSN network was hacked, is down, and is preventing you from Netflixing. (The work around only started working for us last night)

The bad news is most of what we saved from our wedding is gone, tons of white wolf including *gasp* the Book of Nod, (not that we play World of Darkness anymore, but they're all far out of print) my Eldar/Dark Angels novels, 40k rulebooks (big/mini) and TheWife's Chaos Codex (somehow Eldar codexes survived).. oh and my data was only backed up to last April, with a little from a few months ago. (Yes, I got sloppy in the last year and new backup procedures are going into place - 2 hard drives, swapped whenever we visit family for offsite backup)

So, I have my data from childhood, old school projects, photography, wedding photos, etc... Lost in the last year? Everything that went into creating Wargaming Tradecraft besides what's been uploaded; things like high res images, unflattened editable images, organization, some WIP shots, etc. (I've resigned myself to not resurrecting the hard drive storing it, but I've got a few far fetched ideas left to try)

Our landlord's been very apologetic and awesome, and we got out of the hotel last thursday. We've sorted through most everything, now just have some stuff to get back into place. My hobby room, aka our spare bedroom, is almost no longer storage, and therefor almost functional again... then some paint and music/show fueled catharsis can begin... only to be delayed sometime very soon because the floor in there still needs to be replaced and some work projects are/will be requiring a lot of overtime.

I also need to catch up on what's been going on in the blogosphere.

I have gone old school and written out (pen and paper!) a detailed plan for creating a ton of posts on various aspects of air brushing.. I've also decided to get back on track with my punk art stuff and start exploring other painting styles... so those're some things to look forward to.

Sooo, you'll have to be patient while I finish sorting through the last of things, deal with work stuff and get back into the swing of it.

In the meantime, if you're new, maybe you'll want to check out past stuff. I index and sort everything I post here, so check out:


  1. You seem to be handling it well considering what you've lost, though thankfully the losses weren't as bad as you were expecting.

    As for the blogosphere, the latest trend in articles is discussing list optimization. Lots and lots of articles on it.

  2. I feel for you man. The last major basement flood I had lost me all of my Battletech books, maps and record sheets. I almost cried. I think I also lost the FW apocalypse book as well- so I guess it wasn't all bad

  3. Yeah, I mean, don't get me wrong, we're out a lot... and it sucks big time. But the only thing we can do is move forward.

  4. I have a Book Of Nod that can go directly to your place if you want it... I actually own 2 and would love to share one with ya. What else do you need WW Wise? I have a large (and I mean LARGE) collection of older stuff that is headed for the used shelf at the store but could easily be diverted to Canada. It was free to us, so no harm, no foul to pass it on. Drop me a note if you like... glad to help a gamer out.

  5. Lots of respect for the gracefulness you seem to be handling it with!

    I would love to read a series about airbrushing as I am thinking of getting one (or maybe getting spray gun + compressor at first, then upgrading to real airbrush sometime later to even out the spending).

  6. Glad to see you're back (at least partially.) Sorry to hear about all the stuff that was lost, especially the things that are irreplaceable such as the wedding stuff. I hope things get better for you and life goes back to normal soon.


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