Wargaming Tradecraft: Forge World Eldar Wraithseer Released


Forge World Eldar Wraithseer Released

Forge World has now released the Eldar Wraithseer.

It looks pretty cool, has some nice rules and it even gets new psychic powers. (Force a Ld test, give fleet to a wraith unit or give wraiths an extra 6+ save for a turn)

Takes up an HQ slot but you have to take another HQ option with it. You can even toss a D-Cannon on it's shoulder.

Not only does it act as a 12" spiritseer, but anything shot by it and all wraithguard/lords within 12" have their cover saves worsened by 1. Wow.

I think the most amazing thing about this Forge World release though, is it's the same price as a normal Wraithlord. Bazinga!


  1. Very interesting. Nice for a wraith army with the 12" spiritseer. Kind of a mixed bag with the other rules though. The cover save modifier can be pretty powerful but giving fleet to a wraithguard unit or wraithlord probably won't be used as much. Wraithguard are terrible in CC due to their low number of attacks and combat stats, and melee oriented wraithlords usually don't get much love these days.

    The model looks great and a shoulder mounted D-cannon is just crazy.


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