Wargaming Tradecraft: Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapon Team and Guardians


Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapon Team and Guardians

via Dark Future Games
Forge World has released another new Eldar unit conversion pack... an Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapon Team

They look pretty cool...

So now, for only $25 you can CONVERT (not purchase.. you already have to own guardians) a total of FOUR whole models...

Sooo for $6 x4 you get a head, gun arm and weird wing thing jump packs.

Seems like a rip off... I'm curious to see the new Eldar line GW is going to be releasing if Forge World's trying to cash in on new units well before the new codex release.

Or, for almost $30, you can convert 10 normal guardians with their normal upgrade pack.

No rules yet, but I can only imagine the next Forge World rulebook will focus on tiding Eldar players over until a new Codex releases.


  1. See, this is the reason I've never felt particularly drawn to Forge World. Sure, it looks nice, but further inflating the cost of an already expensive pastime seems counter-intuitive to me.

  2. Same. They're obviously targeting the people with cash to burn, because they can't expect "regular" people to pay their prices. We eldar players have also had the same looking models for just about forever... there's got to be people jumping at the chance to paint something new. Or it's aimed at the competitive gamers who're willing to drop any money they can to get an edge in tournaments. (be it via rules or appearance points.. as I understand it, GW also has a history of weighting ForgeWorld stuff better in competitions)


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