Wargaming Tradecraft: Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 23]


Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 23]

The ongoing chronicle and my first attempt at posting Work In Progress shots, this is my entry for the Massive Voodoo Mad Max Car Competition. I'll list them all on my Step by Step page, or you can view the current WIP series.

 Before gluing down the buggy, I've built up some snow beneath it, since this will become a hard area to work with.
 Quick tip! Making mirrors.
(I'll probably break this out into it's own post later)

Basically, you can use silver tape for ducts (NOT duct tape) cut to size.
 No vehicle is complete without a hood ornament chosen from my selection of Epic minis by TheWife.

I also used a couple thin layers of brown wash on the edges of the base.

I've also glued the buggy down and layered many tedious layers of snow around the tires.

Tip: washable white glue is whiter than normal white glue.

Final pics tomorrow!

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