Wargaming Tradecraft: New Forgeworld Eldar Wraithseer Warlock Wraithlord


New Forgeworld Eldar Wraithseer Warlock Wraithlord

via Old School Terminator at Dark Future Games

Here's a shot from Adepticon taken by Old School. Looks like there's a Spiritseer styled Wraithlord in the works from Forgeworld. Looks pretty awesome. On that shoulder, is that, I think it is, a D-cannon? Also in the background are some of the new Shadow Spectres.

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  1. Actually it was on my blog first by a few hours because I made OST take the picture.

    The picture actually does not do the model justice though. It is dead sexy. The Phantom is also sexy and the size of a small child. I am really looking forward to its release


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