Wargaming Tradecraft: Rubber Washers


Rubber Washers

See that little black circle that I've circled in red? It sits non-descriptly on one of the ties attached to this hose. Rubber washers are often attached in this subtle manner to all sorts of things like garden hoses, shower heads, etc... It's pretty safe to say that if it has water flowing through it, it comes with a rubber washer or you need to get one for it.

How does this apply to hobbying? It doesn't really... I can't actually think of a moment I've even thought of using one. However, building a high-powered pumping system to clean my turtle tank easier is yet one more application of water use where I seem to constantly forget to double-check packaging for a washer.

Metal washers go great under bases to add some weight to your miniatures.. but rubber ones .. they prevent flooding.

So, this is just a brief somewhat off-topic post, reminding you to put washers into hose nozzles.
Washers prevent this... not really... but maybe.


  1. I use washers on the bases of minis all the time to give them weight and stability!

  2. I've just updated the article.. I should have been more specific.. I was talking about rubber washers :)

  3. That´s not a pic of your flat I hope!!!!


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