Wargaming Tradecraft: Quick Network Update


Quick Network Update

I'm on lunch doing what I can, and I'd like to expand my Network listing a little bit. If you've already submitted your site, I'd appreciate if you could send me another email with the following:

  • New category:
    • Terrain Building (if applicable to your blog)
  • Genres:
    • Warhammer 40k / Fantasy, WarmaHordes, generic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, SteamPunk, CyberPunk, Victorian, Historical (and era - Medieval, Napoleonic, Civil War, WW1, WW2, etc) and any I may have missed.
I'm going to try to work genre in un-obtrusively and a little smaller off to the side as another way people can find the sites they're after.

Thanks for your patience.

My computer's just about operational again, even with the delay of spending 3 hours on the phone last night with my previous ISP/telco for billing me 2.5 times my normal monthly fee after the date they were supposed to stop billing me. (And being told by a couple reps that they always do that to anyone whose account is setup for auto-payments... good thing I pay attention to my credit card) I finally got ahold of a manager who took one look at my account and realized how badly they'd screwed up, but the refund can take 5 - 35 days.. great.
Unfortunately, cable providers have regional monopolies in Canada, so they're the only option if you want reliable and actually fast internet.

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