Wargaming Tradecraft: Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 12]


Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 12]

The ongoing chronicle and my first attempt at posting Work In Progress shots, this is my entry for the Massive Voodoo Mad Max Car Competition. I'll list them all on my Step by Step page, or you can view the current WIP series.

 Tonight's blog-fu post on domains took longer to put together than I expected, so I didn't get as much done on the buggy as I'd hoped, but I was able to confirm that my airbrush and I are entering a long torrid love affair. (Thanks of course to TheWife)

I'm loving how the paint smoothly layers, but this project is going to also be about me learning to use the airbrush. I'll share some of my findings as we go, but will try to put together a more concise post once I have some experience. One thing's for sure, I'm going to need to learn the right consistency to mix paint so it flows properly throught the airbrush.

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  1. Looking good. I'm glad to hear the airbrush is working out for you. I am getting closer to having my own airbrush. Looking forward to seeing the completed buggy.


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