Wargaming Tradecraft: House of Paincakes Contest


House of Paincakes Contest

Apparently I missed plugging this on my weekly update, so I'll tell you all about it here:

The House of Paincakes is having a blogroll naming contest with PRIZES!

For full details, go here: http://www.houseofpaincakes.com/2011/03/blog-roll-naming-contest-fame-and.html

You've got until this coming Monday to get your entries in, so put on your thinking caps. (Not to be confused with your THINKING CAPS)


  1. Each time I see paincakes my cook's brain reads pancakes and I get excited. Someone's making pancakes? I love those. Then I realize I've read it wrong. No pancakes ...

  2. I know what you mean.. when I first joined House of Paincakes, I kept talking about House of Pancakes this and House of Pancakes that... then I realized my mistake, and their site's name made more sense.


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