Wargaming Tradecraft: Uh-Oh



So this is where a really cool piece was going to go, and another one tomorrow as I've started my Massive Voodoo Postapocalyptibuggy.... unfortunately my computer seems to have died as I can't keep it running for more than 15 minutes at a time. (Looks like hardware, looks serious..) Sooooooo, stay tuned... I'll see about posting from my laptop between seeing how much Frankensteining it's going to take to get my very old and previously top-of-the-line system running again... I've needed a new computer for a while, and I'm hoping to last at least another month or two, and don't want to put any monies into this one; arg.


  1. If it is running for short periods of time, check the cooling fan and make sure it is running. If it stops, the PC overheats and shuts down. Other than that, I would look at the power supply next. Good thing is, both are cheap and easy to replace. I use www.tigerdirect.com . Hope this helps!!

  2. My suggestion would be to write quickly and save often. That way, you won't lose anything if it shuts down on you!

    This is one of those character building moments, where you can give up and buy a new computer, or you can improve your typing speed. Now is your time to shine!

  3. Yeahh, I've got a ram test running on it now, will see how that went when I get home. An error's actually being logger in event viewer before it dies that points at hardware, so it's not overheating or a psu issue. ram, cpu, mobo or hdd likely..

    I have a spare computer that I haven't setup since moving in.. not as powerful as my current one and no gaming, but it'd get me online, email, blogging again. The rub is I work on computers and much more complicated equipment all day, the last thing I ever want to do is fiddle with them at home.


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