Wargaming Tradecraft: New Eldar Units - Wasp Assault Walker


New Eldar Units - Wasp Assault Walker

via Laubersheimer Industries

Forge World has released another new Eldar unit, the Wasp Assault Walker. Essentially, it looks very similar to standard War Walkers, but a little more stream-lined, and.. what are those? Jet Packs on a walker? Yes please.

The new Eldar Wasp Assault Walker can jump 24" instead of firing, has some melee stats, and did I mention it's a TROOP option? But wait, there's more - BS 4.... Seriously, Ballistic Skill 4 - I've gone back and reread that multiple times. BS 4 ! Uhm, yes please?

See the full (experimental) rules here.

Sooo, just to throw it out there, a 2000pt Eldar army can choose to field 18 Assault Walkers, 9 War Walkers and 6 Hornets, firing just shy of 200 shuriken cannon rounds a turn. You'd be broke, yes, but it puts us back in the mech game, right?
(obviously you wouldn't actually field that, but there's some scary potential here)

(Wait a sec, Wasps and Hornets? Are Eldar officially moving like butterflies and stinging like bees now? Nevermind, BS4, I'm shutting up now, thank you.)


  1. Interesting.. I hadn't seen these yet.

    I wonder why FW is seemingly spending so much time on Eldar. Do you think it means a new codex is coming--or perhaps it means the codex is still a long way off? Or does Forgeworld even coordinate with GW?

  2. Forgeworld is owned by Games Workshop, so I would hope there's some coordination.

    I'd hope it means Eldar are around the corner, but FW and GW have never prereleased models (as far as I know) before a codex release.

    Sad to say, I think it's a way of cashing in before the codex is ready. These units are going to sell a lot better right now before the codex brings Eldar in line with 5th ed.

  3. The cashing in idea seems reasonable. It could also just be keeping Eldar players focused on 40K. A lull in the lifetime of a faction probably sees player spending drop and some even leave the hobby, but new releases mid-cycle would likely help offset that. In the case of the Eldar there's also the issue of frustration that the DE have sleeker, newer designs.


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