Wargaming Tradecraft: Contest: One Week Left


Contest: One Week Left

There's just one week left to enter the Back to Basics Contest and win yourself a free miniature!

This isn't limited to Canada, I'll ship to the US and overseas, so hurry up and enter!

If you've joined as a Follower or the Facebook page, but haven't emailed me (I'm pretty sure there's some and I've been watching my spam filters) then don't forget because I wouldn't want anyone to miss out because they forgot to shoot a quick email.

These may be table-top quality miniatures, but they make for great tutorial pieces.


  1. GRRRR,... I'd love to win a mini but I do not want facebook. I have heard too many bad thing about it. sorry.

    It's great that you want to explore other social media but I'm not sure if FB is the way forward.

    ah,.I'm sure you'll get enough people for this contest.Who wouldn't want a miniature painted by a true painting legend.


  2. Well, you've got Google Friend Connect, so you can always Follow instead.

    And Facebook is a platform I don't personally use often, and I secure my profile with privacy settings so that apps can't access my data and sell it to the highest bidder.

    However, people have begun using Facebook like RSS readers, getting all their information and news through their, so I'm exploring it's use in the gamer scene.

  3. dave dave dave,...Ofcourse I have been following you since I found your blog. I think you've seen my blog to although you dont follow it.

    I'll start using FB once it's a secure , non virus spreading and privacy safe platform.


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