Wargaming Tradecraft: Forge World Eldar Units Released


Forge World Eldar Units Released

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Forge World has officially launched their new Eldar units. Rules are still experimental until they officially release them in an upcoming Imperial Armour. Until them, they can be ordered. I gotta get me some Spectres.

 The Eldar Hornet is basically a heavier version of the Vyper and is also Fast Attack.

They come in units of 1-3 and packs two weapons (From Shuriken Catapult to Pulse Laser) that can both be fired rather than be twin-linked.

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Eldar also got a new aspect warrior called the Eldar Shadow Spectre and can be taken in units of 3-5 as a Heavy Support option.

These guys take the cake, but are expensive. Jetpacks (move-shoot-move) and Prism rifles. These rifles are killer at short range, but as a prism weapon, the unit can combine it's shots into a single Str. 10 AP2 60" uber-shot. (with an Exarch power to reroll if you miss) As a little icing, the Exarch can also buy a Haywire Missile Launcher.

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The Eldar Warp Hunter looks a lot like the Epic scale Prism Cannon. It's also Heavy Support.

Instead, this baby rocks a massive D-Cannon and has the stat-line of any other Eldar vehicle. The cannon can also be shot using the flamer template at point blank range.

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