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Blog-Fu: A Request

I've decided to start a series containing tips on blogging.

This will cover things like your reason for writing, graphics, drawing attention, themes, musing, scheduling, writing styles, etc. Additionally, I'd like to know if there's anything you folks would like me to cover. Either leave a comment in this thread or clicky on the "Email" link to the right. I'll credit you for your questions unless you ask to remain nameless.

I'm going to make you wait for a little while as I gather my thoughts, but I first wanted to reach out to you and see what input you might have... soooo, go!

In the meantime, you can read other blogging tips I've already written under the label " blog-fu ".


  1. I'm definitely interested in discussing scheduling, if you mean "Mon=X, Tue=Y" sort of thing. I'm still unsure whether to go back to one or leave it be the way it is.

  2. Ironic, today I'm starting a series on blogging but I'm covering the technical side of it: promotion, search engine optimization, etc. This would pair well.

  3. While not directly hobby related, I think this sort of topic is necessary. I've done a few on my site as well, and just drafted up three more that are scheduled to post up in the upcoming weeks.

    For some brainstorming type ideas, you can check my site: http://www.warhammer39999.com/category/website-administration/
    (please forgive the link).

    Since I consider myself fairly savvy, I don't have any low hanging fruit for you, but if you're a guru, I'd love for a solution to how us non-blogspot hosted blogs can have our images show up on blogger blogrolls. For whatever reason, they're completely biased.

  4. Oops forgot to follow for replies...

  5. How about "pimp my blog?" Grab a blog and suggest and perform some improvements. I always found that format
    to be interesting. Unless you put tons of TVs everywhere, we want none of that foolishness!

  6. I would totally be up for a "pimp my blog" thing- that'd be AWESOME!


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