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Weekly Update

I've had a good modelling week, getting my Pumpkin Golem done with a Step by Step tutorial. While working on it, I created a tutorial out of splattering blood and how and why I organize paints while painting. To help, I've also given some instruction on reconditioning paints.

Ron, of From the Warp and I have begun a Back to Basics series. We're going to cover things to help artists with some basic techniques. Read my introduction and Ron's introduction. Stay tuned for our first tutorials on Wednesday.

A quick note on my "Weekly Updates" - I like doing them and using the Weekly Update Tag is a quick way to review what's been going on here recently. Another reason I'm doing them is I'm trying to showcase some of the stuff that stands out to me during the week. I read a lot of interesting stuff that I don't post here - if you're interested, then take a look at the blogs I follow at the bottom of my bar to the right. Things like strategy, list building, math hammer, this unit is better than that unit doesn't interest me. I'm mainly looking for painting, modelling and building tutorials, techniques and such. I'm not going to commit to listing a specific number of other blogs every week, just content that jumps at me.

Ron's got some nice direction on using Powders over at From the Warp. This is something on my list of "to try" because I'm very intrigued by the results I see using them, which would be difficult to reproduce with washes and dry brushes. Part 1 and Part 2.

Klaus over at Dei Greci ("The Greeks" in Italian, if Google Translate is correct) has an incredible build going on at the moment of a huge air ship. I strongly suggest taking a look at some amazing work. And it's further progress.

From Santa Cruz Warhammer, there's a great post on Making Sand Bags. Just a matter of using some green stuff, cutting it up and texturing it with a cloth. Looks great and it's not too hard.

Also, TheLeadHead has a great post on Building a scratch built Deffrolla.
Rushputin from Warpstone Pile has a post worth checking out where he ages a golden statue quite nicely.

Now, where do you fit in?

My final thought, a sandcastle:

I also meant to throw this article out there to everyone:
It's a great look at the female dynamic in gaming circles.

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