Wargaming Tradecraft: Step by Step - Metallic Shield


Step by Step - Metallic Shield

I keep getting favs and comments about this simple tutorial on DeviantArt, so I figured I'd throw it up here. Just a simple little tutorial to tide you over until I get some more project time. (Next week should have some good content and hopefully the culmination of my thoughts recently sparked by Lauby - blame him for my slow week this week.)

I made "Victory" for someone who I used to go to school with as a "thank you" for his generosity. He saw some of my minis on Facebook and was all "I have these tons of orcs and elves and need room - want them?" He even refused payment. Giggity.

The elf's shield was one of the first painting tutorials I made, which eventually led to this blog after coming to the conclusion that while DA is a great gallery, it does not work for tutorials.

No fancy steps are used here, I simply paint it black, then layer a bunch of metallics on top.
The only thing to be careful of while painting it is to notice I don't paint the crevices, leaving them black and enhancing the metallic look.

It's tricky to blend metallics, so I suggest getting a number of colours and shades. Taking the extra step to layer some Tin, Copper and Dark Gold under the Brass, Shining Gold and Red adds that extra nice little shadow to things. This is a nice example of some simple layering, rather than complicated blending.

The red metallic is a hobby paint from Michaels. (any hobby store should do)
You could also pick up an Iridescent Medium, also from hobby stores or art stores, which you can mix with any of your GW paints to make them metallic.


  1. Wow, Dave! The blood gushing into the pool of water looks awesome... very realistic and gruesome. I love the bit of arm poking out of the squig's mouth as well. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Heh, thanks. The water is just Testors plastic glue and the blood is some thinned down red paint mixed in. The glue is thick enough that the paint stays roughly in place when you mix it in.

  3. Nifty. I will definitely be using this again. Thank you!


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