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Weekly Update

Since I want you to be able to follow my blog, I've written some instructions on How to use RSS Feeds. Also, please be on the lookout for minis stolen from BigJim - I'm sure any of you could sympathize with the horror of having your army stolen. Then, if you haven't already, please give me some feedback on whether you think the army you're playing colours your view of the 40k universe. On a practical side of things, I did get a few tools for my Halloween project - Clamps and Chisels.
I've noticed I actually get traffic from blogrolls on other people's blogs, so I decided to add my own since I have some spare real estate on the right hand bar - take a look at who I'm reading and what's going on there. I've also added a couple more small design tweaks to the layout - anyone else with a blog on Blogspot/Blogger should head on over to Blogger Tricks to see what you can do.

Ever wonder where the spelling of Daemon vs Demon comes from? Ninjabread clears that up in an interesting post quoting GW's Jervis:
And this just made me laugh a bunch: http://www.ninjabread.co.uk/2010/10/11/space-hulk/

I have to finally link this... No more can I stand idly by, tilting my head dumbfounded.
Take a look... You're not seeing things - it is a total conversion of an Ogre army into a circus themed big-top event.

Also, take a look at these two amazing Golden Demon gold winners from Games Day Italy 2010:
Javier González - Gold, Single MiniatureRusto - Gold, Open Category

This seems to be a busy week for coming across shiny things... Came across this while glancing at Mi40k
Apparently I need a new computer case:

And on a final note
"eldars moving out" by Konstantin [zk87]

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  1. That Dread was awesome. And the Wolf Lord is really great.

    Thanks for Sharing.


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