Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

No longer sick - yay! I'm still very busy though and apologize for being unable to get out too many larger posts at the moment. I prefer to keep my work and play separate but I'll say that I work a second job of a technical nature for a non-profit that doesn't usually take much time each month - this is not ones of those months, and may not calm down for a while. Stay tuned though and I'll do what I can to continue holding your interest.

I finally wrote my own two cents on the whole comp issue through a broader post on House Rules in general. Take a look and let me know what you think when it comes to house rules and their usefulness as well as application. I also made a spooky tree, and you can see how over here.

This week's filler content contest over at House of Paincakes was supplied by moi, since I won last week's haiku contest. For fun, I've chosen the theme of telling your most embarrassing moment from gaming. (which I think is a great way for everyone to get to know each other) So head on over because there's some great stories and share your own tale of gaming events that've come back to haunt you.

There's a good post at Collegia Titanica about getting creative when it comes to designing your game table. I think it's important as you have more time to work on terrain that's styled similar. Make your board look like it's a world. I tell ya, when we started out, we had books, old cdroms, anything we could throw on the table that'd add some depth. Money went into minis.

Also worth checking out is a post over at Dark Future Games that illustrates layering with green stuff.

Also, enough with the Dark Eldar posts - there's so much speculation floating around and while I realize some of it's coming from advanced copies, we're alll going to end up going through it again once the codex officially releases.


  1. Good for not being sick. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

    I am loving your site more and more as I explore the little buttons and doodads. Thanks for a fabulous place to visit.

  2. I didn't actually start feeling better till the day following Thanksgiving.. while good, my portion sizes were so tiny. But at least I was able to win TheWife some prizes at Oktoberfest through the skillful use of rifles and crossbows.

    Thanks for the feedback :) I'm trying to keep it focused and useful without clutter and easy to use indexing.


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