Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update take 2


Weekly Update take 2

(woops, guess I should remember to change the auto-post date/time on holiday weekends when I'm planning on writing this later)

Another week past, another devoid of content due to Nurgle's hold on me and Mediterranean food poisoning. I'm just about feeling better now though, so I should be able to start posting some content again.

Go on over and check out http://www.houseofpaincakes.com ! Why, you ask? Not only did I win their haiku contest this week but their User Content Friday featured my Art of Noise post. Since I won the haiku contest, I get to pick this week's contest - and that's why you should keep following as there's always something interesting going on there.

There's an awesome terrain build from Spud over at: http://losthemisphere.com/blog/?p=9091

Now here is something _really_ cool:
Senji Studios points out this service: http://www.moddler.com/index.php
Basically, if you have some 3d modelling skill, these guys will do a 3d print of your work, be it figure, vehicle, terrain, etc. I priced it out and a 1"x1"x3" dynamically posed humanoid figure was $29. Wow. Maybe it's time to dust off my 3D Studio skillz because I am certainly intrigued.

And finally, looks like Darksol got himself a Geek Chic table. These are basically high end gaming tables that can cover up to look like normal tables. Add shelves, dice rolling areas etc. Or, if you're rolling in the dough, there's The Sultan.
Personally, we made ourselves a nice 8'x4' table for about $100, but this certainly another option.

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