Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

I want to start out by pointing your attention over to Dave Taylor Miniatures. He was one of the people involved in the Storm Wardens charity project that raised over $16,000 for Doctors Without Borders. Recently a couple of his friends lives were wracked by tragedy and to help them out he's going to be eBaying a couple of his armies. (Which have been featured in White Dwarf and the 5th ed 40k rulebook) The full post is here and he's been adding more photos on his blog of what's going to be up for sale. http://davetaylorminiatures.blogspot.com/2010/09/more-charity-goodness-to-come.html

On a brighter note, here is an incredible temple tutorial by Senji, another of the Storm Wardens crew: http://senjistudios.com/?p=1930 His blog's got a lot of great information on the craft, (tools, supplies, builds and so on) so check it out.
Also, this is very impressive - A filmed video of a Space Marine and Khorne Berserker.

This past weeks RL stuff is still in the process of calming down and with fall here I've of course gotten sick. However, I've added a contribution to the From the Warp Photography Collaborative Post. Take a look at my article on Photographing Your Minis or head on over there to see how other people do it. Also, a boring little article on the important of water.
Slight correction from last week - the blog group I've joined in the Int'l House of PAINcakes... not pancakes... sometimes even I miss the slightest details... /shame

Finally, Oktoberfest is here! What's that mean? Breakfast with live polka music, Miss Oktoberfest, Uncle Hans, Keg Tapping and all the sauerkraut I can consume. Mmmmm.... (I love my job)

I'll end on a quick note - Blogger's enabled spam filtering on comments now, which I don't think I can turn off. It's incorrectly blocked one comment so far, so I apologize in advance if there's a delay on any of your comments being posted - I'll keep an eye on the filter.

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